Wind Turbine and Telecom Towers

We design, Analyze and Certify Wind Turbine and Telecom Towers. (Certification is done by third part certifying agencies like IIT's, SERC, ARAI etc.

We design, develop, analyze and give you a working prototype of trailer mounted, skid mounted, fixed telecom towers with square or triangular sections. Towers can be built in steel or aluminum.

We design, develop and analyze wind turbines up to 25kW. Tubular, tripod or lattice towers can be used.

We carry out following analysis-
  • Stress Analysis of towers Under Cyclonic and Seismic Loads.
  • Fatigue Analysis Under Operating loads.
  • Dynamic Stability Analysis of Towers.
  • Prediction of Guy Rope Tension and Foundation Loads
  • CFD analysis of Turbine Blades to predict the loads and wind power to mechanical power conversion ratio.
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