End to End Projects

We not only provide services like FEA, CFD, CAD etc but also undertake some type of end to end project, i.e., from concept to physical prototype.

We can take up following end to end projects
1. Off road vehicle driver seats.
2. Passenger seats for Buses.
3. Customized Material handling equipment's upto 2T capacity like fork lifts and towing cars
4. Luxury and semi luxury buses for intra city and inter city travel. ( Our associate companies will be involved in this project) Applicable regulations will be AIS.

Case Studies-
Driver seat of an off-road tracked vehicle
This was concept to prototyping project involving design, CAE and physical testing. The seat requirements called for 240 mm vertical adjustment with five locking positions, 180 deg reclining and 150mm forward backward adjustment. Moreover its lowermost position was restricted to a height of 90mm.

Shunting Car for Monorail
This was concept to prototyping project involving design, CAE and physical tryouts. It was a towing car capable to tow the 72T Monoral in case of break down. Concept was based on a existing shunting car at Scomy in Malaysia. Automotive engine with a chain drive transmission was used.

Bus Seats Optimization and Certification
These are bus passenger seats CAE and design optimization as per AIS standards and certification at ARIA

Bus Driver Seat Design (proposed)
It's a proposed project of developing a new bus seat for a bus manufacturer as a competition to the Harita and Tatra seats available in the market.

Luxury Bus
Three buses 8m mini bus, 12m regular intercity bus and 14m multicity multi axle buses were developed end to end. The chassis was imported and the bus body was developed and integrated on these chassis. Concept was benchmarked to the foreign buses but were modified to suit Indian conditions and ARAI regulations (AIS 052). Analysis was carried for regulatory and proprietary loading conditions and the vehicles were tested for certification in ARAI.